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Inside YIFY __FULL__

It's an HBO documentary special on late great comedian Robin Williams. It tackles his humor, his family, his addictions, and his sobriety. It doesn't shy away from the addictions but his comedy does lighten the hit. It isn't the darkness of reality but it is how he dealt with it. The most fascinating is after Awakenings when he starts diving into mental illness. No one can truly get inside his manic mind but it gives us a glimpse. As a bio, it hits all the landmarks. It isn't going inside his mind as advertised. It is a witness to his journey and that is the best that one can hope for. One thing is for sure. No one can ever really play him in a biopic. Not only is his an original. No one can hope to copy him.

Inside YIFY

This movie hit right in the middle for me. It was good, but not that memorial for me. I did enjoy seeing the inside of the ice hotel which I found out is a very real place and dream of staying there some day! The ice slide was a fun scene. What the main female character was "struggling" with didn't seem like it should've been a big deal to carry around for so long and hold her back. So that seemed a little strange. But overall, glad I watched. 041b061a72


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