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Download 'LINK' Cannons Purple Sun Rar

Twisted Insurrection saw the long awaited release of version 0.9 on it's 11th birthday (during the 22nd Tiberian Sun Anniversary celebrations!). A huge amount of work went into this update, which includes over 1,200 additions, changes, and fixes! Some highlights include the addition of GloboTech and new GDI & Nod subfactions as fully-fledged multiplayer factions; addition of the Forsaken as a playable faction in Survival mode; some Quality of Life upgrades to campaign missions (including individual mission selection for campaigns); and a whole bunch of unit model and faction rebalance upgrades. You can download the standalone Twisted Insurrection client @ -insurrection/downloads and hear an overview of the update from one of the lead developers 'Crimsonum' @ =kITDRnCriQQ

Download Cannons Purple Sun rar


Tiberium Resurrection saw the release of it's 5.1 patch during the 22nd Tiberian Sun Anniversary Celebrations! This patch included the addition of new skirmish maps, an updated modification of campaign mission 'Propaganda Forecast', the addition of 4 new units, and an additional 9 unit re-textures. You can download the standalone mod @ -resurrection and checkout the developers discussing the recent changes, playthrough the campagin and even give a quick speedrun of the new v1.1 of Propaganda Forecast @ =89tMW11bHbQ

Dawn of the Tiberium Age, a Tiberian Sun mod based on the combination of TD & RA units within the Tiberian Sun engine, saw the release of its latest build v1.20 introducing a major rebalancing of it's Nod faction. You can download the standalone mod @ -dawn-of-the-tiberium-age or checkout some of the Developer's discussions on the day of it's release @ =eqGs5zaP_lU

Tiberian War: Ion Shock launched its initial public beta version during the 22nd Tiberian Sun anniversary week! This modification follows on from the work of Tiberian War: WarZone utilising Tiberian Sun assets with an interesting twist, this time in the Yuri's Revenge engine! The mod requires a base installation/ownership of Yuri's Revenge in order to be able to play. You can access the beta @ -war-ionshock/downloads and checkout some gameplay from it's launch day @ =u02pKtsN9wQ

Dawn of the Tiberium Age, the Tiberian Sun mod that reworks and mixes Tiberian Dawn with Red Alert 1 on the Tiberian Sun engine, has received its long-awaited Naval Patch. This latest update, which reworks the Navy in the entire mod, for all 4 factions, and add finally adds Naval Transports, as well.You can read about the update below and download it through the link below: -dawn-of-the-tiberium-age/news/naval-patch-is-hereEnjoy, Commanders!

Name: Javelin MissileMechRole: mid-range fire supportCost: 1,00Strength: 350 HP, heavy armourWeapons: quad barrage rocketsDownload Asset: -56091/ts-voxel-assets-from-ts-forgotten-wars/Initially passed by in favour of the Juggernaut project, the Javelin MissileMech was an older attempt at providing fire support on a walker base. It lost out to the Juggernaut in terms of range and firepower, compared to the naval cannons carried by the other mech, and its ability to move and fire at the same time was considered not enough of a plus point over the Juggernaut.However, with the passing of the Firestorm Crisis, and the spread of CABAL's sub-commander cores, the Javelin design was revisited when the need for more mobility, to strike fast and relocate faster, became an increased priority versus the CABAL aerial drones and their relentless ability to swarm stationary targets. The original guided missiles on the Javelin were swapped out for unguided barrage rockets, which required less targeting time and gave greater area denial at the expense of accuracy; with the Juggernaut already setting a baseline for acceptable accuracy, the Javelin's barrage rockets were considered well within acceptable bounds.The Javelin has known limitations around hitting targets close to it (as with most artillery units), and is easy prey for hostile air units. Commanders are advised to keep the Javelin operating behind a Titan screen, and well within the flak cordon created by the Watchman and Hover MLRS supporting units.

Name: Moto-HunterRole: scout & fast attackCost: 600Strength: 150 HP, wood* armourWeapons: dual incendiary cannonsDownload Asset: -56091/ts-voxel-assets-from-ts-forgotten-wars/The first Moto-Hunters were encountered on long-range patrols around CABAL installations, and were initially mistaken for regular Attack Cycles, as used by Nod forces. However, where the Nod bike carries a small anti-armour rocket launcher, the Moto-Hunter is equipped with dual low-velocity cannons firing incendiary white phosphorous rounds. This makes them lethal against both infantry and structures, which will both quickly catch fire from the firestorm unleashed by the Moto-Hunter. When paired with the slower Infantry-Hunter drones, they can decimate infantry squads in a matter of seconds.The CABAL sub-commanders are often seen using the Moto-Hunters as fast skirmishers, to lure enemy forces into ambush situations where heavier CABAL units can then spring the trap. If cornered or attacked from the air, these attack bikes are still too fragile and lightly armoured to last long.

Delete the modpack from your Technic Launcher. Wait about a full minute for it to fully delete, and then restart your computer. Then re-install the modpack and you should be good to go! If you have further issues, you can download a program that can fix your installation by contacting support in our Discord.

hey how did you get it to work? do i need to be past a certain point in the story? i finisehd frieza saga and cell story but still cant access. it shows them all as downloaded but cant get them from the shop

managed to fix by replacing the bust with this one -abbed-ssj4-bust/ just download and change the new busto id to the same as the old one, the id can be found on the new tranformation mod readme file. you will have to do the same step to fix te duplicate tail and the wrist fur from the new bust will clip throug gloves, i guess you can remove the wrist fur using the same method as the tail one, but cant confirm it works.

Anyone know why whenever I download another mod it gets rid of the lazybones added transformation hair colors? Or is that on of the issues that we need to wait for lazybones to update? Any reply with some help is much appreciated.

tried using a new bust i downloaded from the site, now the gap disapeared on the front part of the waist, but the back side continued with the gap, will try reinstalling the mod witjout the tail animation

What if we make a mix of Among Us and Minecraft games? We take one pinch of Enderman's charm and all his black-purple appearance and just wear Among Us character into this costume. Isn't it great and charming? Among Us game cursor with Enderman Character.

get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion 1.1.2 (3/11/2017)New Features-Added the Energy Balancer. No need to buy it in a shop, this is always active. Whenever you pick up weapon energy when your current weapon's ammo is full, it automatically refills the weapon with the least ammo.-When hovering your mouse over a favorite, the game now gives you an explanation of dragging favorites to re-arrange or delete them.Changes-Improved performance thanks to texture page optimizations.-When a new version arrives, the game now asks you if you want to update the game, rather than download it.-Reduced Big Fish's hitbox size and nerfed their contact damage.Fixed Bugs-The auto-updater still links to the old domain.-Yoku Block timers aren't affected by Time Slow.-Charged Atomic Fire deals no extra damage against bosses, even when it's their weakness.-Defeating a boss, then going in a teleporter at the right time can cause the game to crash.-Brain Breaks move up continuously when hugging a wall.-Creating a level with nothing as the primary weapon, then re-loading the level causes the primary weapon to become Silver Tomahawk.-If you load an example level, then load another level in-editor and attempt to save it, it says you can't save an example level, preventing you from saving your level altogether.-Jumping on an enemy's head with Top Spin right under a ceiling can cause you to clip. 041b061a72


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